EP RELEASE UPDATE & IDE MEMBER at Download Festival?

Hello & Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen.
As you may have noticed, we have been quiet for the last few months but all for good reason.
We have many announcements regarding the release of our newest EP. 
Keep watch over next few days for promotional videos & pictures.
Also Damian our fellow bassist is at Download Festival this week, so if you are there & see him, give him a smile & wave. 
Until next update Gravediggers 😄



Ashes in the Rain (Deluxe Edition) LP

Remember guys the Ashes in the Rain (Deluxe Edition) LP is still available from our Band Camp page to download for FREE!

Here is a reminder on how download it for free & it is, as simple as;

  • Going to our IDE Bandcamp
  • Clicking on Buy Now
  • Type ‘0’ into the box, so it will be £0 (If you want the LP/Song for Free)
  • Click Download

But only for a limited time, so get downloading it now if you have not.

Until next update Gravediggers!

Can be found by the link provided below;



(C) Art done by Hallows Deadman


Another day & a second update for today.

Firstly be sure to tune into Marc Lungley’s Backstage Show on 102.5 The Bridge FM Radio Tonight at 10pm-Midnight, “http://live.thebridgeradio.net/” Where you can hear an exclusive preview of ‘ODE to Self Destruction’ from our new upcoming E.P. 

You don’t want miss out on this!

Secondly we are letting you guys know of our next show, which is this Friday in Wolverhampton at The Fixxion Warehouse for Metal 2 the Masses, Bloodstock Semi-Finals show.


Doors open at 7pm

Tickets – £4 in advance from any of the band members or £5 On the Door.

Bill includes some cracking bands;

XVII – Slaughter Horse – Guts for Glory.

Hope to see you there & don’t forget to check out 102.5 Bridge FM for a song exclusive.


IDE LP – How to download it off Bandcamp, for Free!

Hello guys & gals, as you may know we did a Throwback Tuesday yesterday evening, here are some pointers how to download it for FREE!

It’s as simple as;

  • Going to our IDE Bandcamp
  • Clicking on Buy Now
  • Type ‘0’ into the box, so it will be £0 (If you want the LP/Song for Free)
  • Click Download

Then you’re done, Simple as that.

Let us know, what you think & hope you enjoy it 😄

Announcement Re-Release – In Dante’s Eclipse – Ashes in the Rain (Deluxe Edition) LP

Here it is folks (apologises for late post)

Enjoy this throwback/ compilation of our old work, and keep your eyes peeled for updates on our upcoming E.P.

In Dante’s Eclipse – Ashes in the Rain re-released as a deluxe edition LP, every IDE song in one place for FREE (for a limited time)

IDE Band Camp

Enjoy & leave some feedback.

Cheers Gravediggers!

IDE Material – Music & Merch (Where to find & buy)

Once again, we are keeping all you lovely folks updated on where to find us, may it be shows, music, merch etcetc. We have you all covered don’t worry, you can find our music on;

iTunes – Ashes In the Rain – EP by In Dante’s Eclipse


Spotify – http://open.spotify.com/artist/3PvZmqwAgR45ICqOISSR5x

Merch can be found on;

Big Cartel –


These are the main places to find our music & merch online, these are also available (as always) at our live shows, so keep a eye out on when we are coming to your town next.

(Photo courtesy of Leanne Haywood Photography)